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es. What is so fascinating is that it clearly is the impetus for creating the Club of Rome and the World Order Models Project to further this vision that we are now seeing as the UNs Vision of Dignity for All by 2030 covered in this post that our world leaders have decided to impose on us all. Education is viewed by Etzioni as the way to gain the desired control, which also extended to knowledge generally and technological innovation, without the level of coercion being obvious. Want to know who Etzioni thanks on the Acknowledgments page?Ralph Tylerfather of a new kind of assessment and a new kind of high school in the Eight Year Study look at Friday and Saturdays administration news dump and both recall Tylers work. He is also the father of NAEP and the architect of vision in 1968 for the feds to control the state departments of ed. Etzioni also thanks the ubiquitous Center for the Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences where he was when he started the book.

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Greater California Livery Association is keeping abreast of this issue and included it as part of its recent Day on the Hill in Sacramento this past February. Charlotte Charlotte Regional Limousine Association is trying to combat all TNCs Transportation Network Companies with their Passenger/Vehicle for Hire Board PVHB, which is managed by the Charlotte Police Department. CRLA and PVHB are jointly attempting to squash all TCNs in the Charlotte area by enforcing the long standing transportation laws already in place in the state of North Carolina. In mid February, the Charlotte City Council was expected to hold a meeting to address the issues of safety that the association is raising. Chicago Ridesharing apps like Lyft and UberX are getting the cold shoulder in the Windy City. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed an ordinance in February that requires the appswhich it refers to as Transportation Network Providers TNPs to have a city license with an annual fee of $25,000 plus $25 per driver, as well as commercial liability insurance of at least $1 million taxis are only required to have $350,000 in insurance.

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All news is trash as its entertainment and agenda pushing. You all will soon be absolute. Hope protestors destroy what you loveI think I saw the future somewhere in one of those sci fi movies. ROBOT COPS!Everyone gets treated the same. You have one minute to comply or you get shot. Bad news for scum bags but at there wont be any claims of racism!The Crusader Newspaper Group consists of two weekly newspapers in Illinois and Indiana featuring news, commentary and life style reporting geared toward the African American community. The Chicago Crusader and Gary Crusader, published by minority media champion Dorothy R. Leavell, reach two unique markets with a shared $47 billion annual consumer buying power. For news inquiries: advertising inquiries:Jim Young is head of the citys Code Enforcement operation or Code Compliance, as they like to call it. By most accounts, Young is fair but firm in enforcing the city codes. But do you remember when then City Manager Julio Avael fired Young back in 2006?You see, Young got caught treating all code violators the same even if they were friends with or related to members of the City Commission; or even if they had powerful and well connected lawyers.

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Mr. Cones film finance related consulting concerns the choice of finance method as well as the choices relating to: form of production company, investment vehicles for raising investor funds, the advantages and disadvantages of securities versus non securities offerings passive investor versus active investor, federal and state securities law compliance, proper marketing of the offering, use of the Internet and expanding the pool of prospective investors for private placement offerings. In addition, he works with producer clients in developing the associated financial projections for such offerings, in preparing and submitting state and federal notice filings, creating the selected entity, box office comparables and other disclosures required to be included in the securities disclosure document PPM, offering circular or prospectus. Mr. Cones is available to lecture or participate in panel discussions relating to Film Finance and the more narrow topics of Investor Financing of Independent Film or Investor Financing of Business Startups. You may contact him at 310/477 6842 or by e mail at . This paper examined the issue of indecent dressing among undergraduate students in Nigerian tertiary institutions. Indecent dressing is one of the major problems that is eating up our youths, especially female students. The paper looked at meaning and types of indecent dressing, reasons why some student dress indecently and its effects on undergraduates in Nigerian tertiary institutions. Counselling roles for curbing indecent dressing were also discussed. It was recommended, among others, that parents should sit up to their responsibilities and tertiary institutions should adopt dress codes for their student.

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