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I had the surgery 2 years ago and I have done very well . I am 6 feet 2 inches and I have went from 340 down to 200. I am in a size 34 waist and I am happy. I am 45 and was diabetic and taking 7 pills a day and now I just take vitamins. It is not for everyone as I was a happy fat person but when i developed diabetes at 41 it scared me. I am happy with my choice as in the long run it will probably save my insurance money with no prescription cost.

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In Exodus we read that Moses took the golden calf, which the Israelites had made,and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to a powder'. This is precisely the process of a shem an na furnaceand it is evident that the Egyptian priests of the goddess Hathor had beenworking their fire for countless generations before the priests of Aten became involved in the time of Moses. It was, in fact,Pharaoh Tuthmosis III who had reorganized the ancient mystery schools of Thoth and founded the Royal School of the Master Craftsmen at Karnak. They were called the Great White Brotherhood because of their preoccupation with a mysterious white powder. A branch of this fraternity became especially concerned with medicines and healing, to become known as the Egyptian Therapeutate. Then, in much later times,the activities of the Therapeutate were extended into Palestine especially into the Judah settlement of Qumran,where they flourished as the Essenes. But,what was so special about the goddess Hathor that she was the chosen deity of the Sinai priests?Hathor was a paramount nursing goddess and, as the daughter of Ra,she was said to have given birth to the sun. She was the originally defined Queen of the West andMistress of the Netherworld,to where she was said to carry those who knew the right spells. She was the revered goddess of tombs and song and it was from the milk of Hathor that the pharaohs were said to gain their divinity, becoming gods in their own right. On one of the rock tablets near to the Mount Serabit cave entrance is a representation of Tuthmosis IV in the presence of Hathor. Before him are two offering stands topped with lotus flowers,and behind him is a man bearing a conical cake identified as white bread.

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You write: Im fascinated by your ability to simply write off different types of funds. Youve now added a non monetary category. Me: Thats because non monetary is occasionally legally significant, and because Mike was making incorrect assertions that they were monetary, and that bugs me. Ive collected a ton of press clippings wherein lazy journalists just pass on the assumption that the church funded proposition 8, which is a total lie. Id like for people to be properly informed. You write: I happen to be extremely bothered by our church using non monetary funds not to mention its considerable pull with members to remove the constitutional rights of a minority in California. An action that stands in violation of our own scripture DandC 134. Non monetary means that they donated facilities that were likely paid for with tithing funds or time from employees that also were likely paid with tithing funds. I write: Your DandC 134 argument is fine, but not all that persuasive IMO. I might as well say it orders us to sustain the law as it existed at the time that section was recorded, which law very severely restricted marriage to the man and woman formulation. Neither is a slam dunk argument, so lets move on.

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It states that, 'when placed in the scales,the stone can outweigh its quantity of gold,but when it is transposed to dust,even a feather will tip the scales against it'. This appears to be a very straightforward sum at first glance, because+1 + 1 does indeed equal '0'. But when applied to physical matter it is actually an impossibility because it relies upon using a positive and an equivalent negative to produce nothing. The moment one has a positive piece of something it is not possible to add an equivalent negative of that something to produce nothing. At best, one could move the positive something out of immediate sight physical sight, and only visible to the third eye Christ consciousness celeste]but it would still exist and would, therefore, not be nothing. The only way to turn something into nothing as far as the material field is concerned is to translate the something into another dimension so that it physically disappears from the mundane environment. If that process is achieved then the proof of achievement would lie in the fact that its weight also disappears. What then is it that can outweigh itself,but can also underweight itself and become nothing?What then is it that can be gold, but can be fired and transposed to dust?It is the Phoenix:the red gold that will fire to ashes,but will then be restored to enlightenment. It is the golden calf that Moses burned to a powder. It is the highward fire stone of the shem an na and the Sumerian records indicate that this was not made of stone at all,but of shining metal. In the alchemical tradition,the Philosophers' Stone is said to be that which translates base elements into gold.

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But the fire is as much a part of the history of Sumpter as the rest of the months and years of her existence. Fire was ever the enemy of the wooden towns of the Old West. The drive to get buildings up and get them up quick led to many innovations. Why put up two separate walls when one wall could serve two buildings?And that meant cold air couldnt come in through the gap between buildings, either. Trees were tall and plentiful. Just cut studs for framing tall enough to stretch from the bottom of the wall to the top, even if the top was twenty or more feet up.

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