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XING was created in 2003 through November 17, 2006 OpenBC called is a social network of professional field. Also it called online networking platform, since its main use is to manage contacts and establish new connections between professionals in any sector. This system belongs to what is called social software. One of the main functions it is the option to display the contact network; for example, a user can see through many connected to other intermediaries. It is based on the principle of six degrees of separation or phenomenon of "small world". Offers numerous options for contact, search for people by name, city, sector, company, areas of interest, etc.

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SMART Grants are available during the third and fourth years of undergraduate study, with a limit of $4,000 per year. The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant is offered to students who do not meet the requirements for the Pell Grant but whose parent or guardian died as a result of U. S. Armed Forces service performed after September 11, 2001 in Iraq or Afghanistan. Students must be younger than 24 and enrolled in college at least part time at the time of the parent or guardians death. The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant is capped at the Pell Grant limit. Students who are interested in applying for federal grants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA. To receive federal aid, each student must meet all of the following criteria: The deadline for filing the FAFSA is June 30 for each academic year, but students are encouraged to apply early for access to the most aid. FAFSA processing can take up to six weeks, so apply well before any federal, state, or college deadlines. For the best financial aid opportunities, students should complete the FAFSA with estimated or actual income tax return numbers each January before the next academic year starts in July. Most grant programs require the FAFSA to be completed annually for renewal purposes.

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Elmqvist; H. 1979a: DYMOLA A Structured Model Language for Large Continuous Systems. Proc. Summer Computer Simulation Conference; Toronto; Canada. Elmqvist; H. 1979b: Manipulation of Continuous Models Based on Equations to Assignment Statements. Proc. Simulation of Systems 79; IMACS Congress 1979; Sorrento. North Holland Publ. Comp. Hennessy; J.

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com or use the Voicethread Tool in Sakai to support discussions using voice, text and video. Voicethead is supported with closed captioning services. IC Turnitin Knowledge Base Articles on Turnitin Plagiarism detection and paperless inline feedback. Encourage skills of authentic writing, original thinking, and academic integrity. Tests and Quizzes Documentation Allows for many question types, including open text. Allows instructors to make exceptions on time limits and due dates for student accommodations Kaltura's Video Quiz Guide for Creating Quizzes Turn any video in your Media Gallery, supported by Kaltura, into a video quiz. Gradebook Documentation The Gradebook allows you to securely communicate grades and calculate a running Course Grade. You can create manual items or allow Sakai tools to create Gradebook items. Postem Tool Documentation If you use Excel for tracking student grades, this tool allows you to post the spreadsheet and allow individual students to see only their grades. Now that our WesternU community is running on remote work mode, we understand that your class instructions, lectures, and presentations must be given in a different format than what is typical for you and your students. To ensure the least amount of disruption for you, we have compiled a list of all the resources available to you on how to transform your usually in person curriculum to a remote setting.

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